This 24 hour hackathon hosted by the College of Computing gives individuals a chance to produce big or small solutions for individual or global needs. We believe technology has the power to spark positive change in our communities. Our mission is to empower and enrich humanity. We want to gather undergraduate students of all backgrounds to bridge the gap between technology and our community in the hopes of inspiring individuals to build creative tools that can be used to tackle society's day to day challenges. Our community welcomes everyone, including all levels of programming skills. We encourage all students to join.

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January 27
11:00 AM
Registration & Lunch
12:00 PM
Hacking Begins!
6:00 PM
10:00 PM
Caffeine Break
January 28
12:00 AM
4th Meal
7:00 AM
11:00 AM
Hacking Ends & Lunch
12:00 - 2:00 PM
Pitches, Juding, & Prizes


What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is where you turn your ideas into real stuff!
Who can apply?
All CoC undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to attend.
What if I don't know how to code?
Experience isn't required! Hackathons are a place to learn, for anybody at any level. We'll even have alumni to assist and mentor you as you work on your project.
You can work in a team of up to four but all applications have to be submitted on an individual basis. Teams will be checked when you submit your project.
What if I don't have an idea or a team?
Don't worry! There will be time to form teams after registration, and we will help you match with other hackers.
What should I bring?
All you need is a student ID, a laptop + charger, and your hacking spirit! We'll take care of the rest. Firearms, weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, and power tools are not allowed. Smiles and high-fives are welcome.
What can I make?
Anything you want!
What about hardware and tools?
Bring anything you like and just check it with us. We will also have some company sponsored API’s and datasets. We've also provided a list of free resources.
Can I start work on my hack before the event?
No, All work on your hacks must be done during the 24 hour event. Ideas may be generated beforehand. The rule is strictly enforced at and the penalty for a project from before the event is disqualification. However, feel free to use any libraries or tools.
What does it cost?
The event is free, thanks so support from our sponsors!
What about food?
Check the schedule for times but yes, free food will be provided throughout the event. You just have to show your wristband from registration when you grab a plate.
Of course! There will be a grand prize (total value of $1,500), a runner up (value of $500), novice prize (must be a team of 1st year CoC students), Best Use of a UPS API prize, and a Bloomberg Philanthropy Mission prize.



GitHub Student Pack
A free resource pack from GitHub.
A reverse tunnel. Run a server locally in any language and give it a public domain. Great for testing and demoing.
Time synced browser testing. Useful when sharing a design to teammates and on multiple devices. Usually used with gulp or grunt.
Alexa Skills Kit
Voice enable any app or service with Amazon Alexa.
Save your eyes from blue light eye strain.
Origami (mac)
A free tool from Facebook for designing modern interfaces and interactions.
Create and configure reproducible, portable, lightweight development environments.
Studio 3T
A GUI to make navigating MongoDB quicker and easier.


Code Pen
An HTML/CSS/JavaScript code editor in your browser with instant previews and tons of snippets and inspiration.
Cody House
A free library of HTLML, CSS, and JS nuggets with tutorials.
A CSS3 Animation hover effects library.
Start Bootstrap
Free Bootstrap starter templated for different types of sites.
Boot Snipp
Free Bootstrap code snippets for design elements.


Graphic Burger
An array of design resources such as mockups, UI kits, icons, backgrounds, etc.
100 Days of Fonts
A great place to find beautiful combinations and usages of Google Fonts and color schemes.
Same as Pattern Tap, but for mobile design patterns. (iOS and Android)
UX Archive
Can't figure out the best user flow for your mobile hack? UX Archive lists just about every flow or user task from the best apps.
Stock Photos That Don't Suck
An ongoing list of the best stock photo sites.
User Inter Faces
A database of profile pictures for mockups and demos.


Font Awesome
Font and CSS toolkit with 675 icons to use in your designs.
The Noun Project
Thousands of amazing, detailed icons useful for your hacks.
Icon Monstr
Icon sets for just about anything.


Submit a project that best represents their philanthropic mission. For more information, see Bloomberg at their table in the Klaus Atrium.
Shofur Dynamic Bus Advertisements
Prototype a web application to display advertisements based on bus location.
For information on the following UPS APIs see Tyler and Cade at the UPS table in Klaus Atrium.
Address Validation, Locator, Pickup, Quantum View, Rating, Shipping, Time in Transit, Tracking, and more!
Verizon Telematics
For more information about the field of telematics, the company Verizon Telematics, or the data provided, see Sneha at their table in Klaus Atrium or contact her at 678 907 5649.